Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I created my Voki with the help of Brandi, Julie, and Stacey. It took a little longer than I thought but I feel a little more confident about completing Tool #2.


  1. It was fun working on tool #2 together! I think your Voki is great and ooks just like you, wink... wink.

  2. Nadia, you look soooooooo HIP in your VOKI...speechless is OK! I agree with you...VOKI's are so much fun to create and doing it with your fifth grade "posse" would double the fun!

  3. Can you see how you might use a classroom blog with your 5th graders? Don't you think your students might enjoy creating a VOKI as a character from a novel or as an important historical figure? Y'all could embed them on a wiki to share!

    Glad you are feeling more confident! Your students will enjoy using some of these tools in class!