Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post # 9

It is important that technology is used in a meaningful way  so that the objective and the activity are aligned.  When using the new devices in a work station the students must complete some kind of meaningful activity, produce a product, or write a reflection as evidence of learning.  I found several interactive websites that would be great to use in a math and science center/workstation.  Storyladder would be especially helpful for all the science vocabulary words that we learn in Fifth grade. I also like the MangHigh math games because all the games/activites cover required TEKS. I really like the idea of having each student write a reflection or an exit slip after completing each activity.
I loved the Idea Sketch app for creating a concept map.  We do a lot notetaking/concept maps and timelines in  social studies and using this app would be really useful . I also liked the Grammar Jammars app for reinforcing grammar and parts of speech.  It is hard to make grammar fun and I think this would be a great way to do it. Using some kind of checklist/rubric for students as they complete activitieswould be a great way to keep them on track and responsible for their own work at each station.
Another way to use the Ipads would be to video projects or reports and then present to the class.

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